The news lately is filled with “hacks”, “data breaches”, and “vulnerabilities” to corporations as large as Microsoft as well as the mom-n-pop business around the corner. People of all ethnicities, countries, and of questionable intentions are stealing information on a daily basis from all sized businesses and in any industry.  Even if  you claim “I don’t have or keep personal or business information online”, that’s a myth, your 0’s and 1’s exist anywhere you do business since the 1970s.  Your government, corporations, and mom n pop businesses have gone digital and your personal identifiable information is sitting on a physical hard drive in 0’s and 1’s, either on a hard drive in their shop or in the cloud. Who’s keeping it safe? That depends on a lot of variables which this post isn’t going into details, maybe another day.

What is personal identifiable information?

Here is a list of what identifies you as a person on this third rock from the sun.

  • Name
  • Address


How do I protect my 0’s and 1’s?

What if I don’t implement any privacy or security on my personal device?